As a 119 year-old public utility, DTE had an ongoing commitment to foster innovation within their culture. However, strategically driving innovation throughout the enterprise to impact sustained change required new skillsets, methodologies, and processes they didn’t have. Hence the rally cry, “Do Different.” Following the mutual success of the Insight program, which “did different” to invent the nation’s most successful energy optimization platform, resulting in the joint venture spin-off Powerley, DTE knew Vectorform was their go-to partner as they began operationalizing their innovation program.


Vectorform led the design, build, launch, and operation of DTE’s innovation center of excellence as an embedded partner alongside DTE’s internal teams. Since the founding in 2016, Vectorform implemented a disciplined identification and evaluation process, a structured operational delivery program, a managed pipeline and portfolio, a custom brand and suite of marketing tools, and an effective implementation protocol to ensure long-term support and a recognized return on investment. Vectorform continues to be a long-term strategic innovation partner at DTE.


Establish an innovation program, pipeline, & portfolio

Apply proven technology to deliver real business value

Challenge the status quo & create a culture of innovation

Vectorform has been a long-standing and trusted partner of DTE and Innovation.

Richard Ramirez - head of innovation, dte

Innovation Operating System

Vectorform’s embedded Innovation Operating System (OS) reduces friction and risk by including enterprise-integrated pipeline and portfolio management systems, executive dashboards, and P&L management. Specialized tools and methods incorporate design thinking, quantified rankings, project-level reporting, and other techniques to help sense, experiment, operationalize, and scale new, novel, and valuable ideas. 

Customized co-created mission, vision, and values

Every culture is different. Vectorform customizes programs that align vision and culture, streamline paths to profit, balance the best from external and internal skills and insights, and continuously fuel long-term growth and maturity. The program's strength is exemplified by the program's ability to work under different management and conditions.

Access to skills and competency

Blending internal and external teams allows for healthy cross-team dynamics, rapid responses, flexibility, and impact to culture. Design and engineering pools help rapidly adjust to the right skills at the right time with the ability to experiment, build, and learn.

Access to proven and disruptive technologies

Together as partners, we help our customers deliver what they dream, ultimately closing their innovation, execution gap. Vectorform provides access to proven and disruptive technologies and experts to help organizations realize their vision by purposefully experimenting and innovating in a safe environment. Our team ensures innovation is actionable, providing a clear structure and process enabling teams to bring ideas forward and then apply the right technology to fit their unique needs.

Executive marketing, communications, and change management

Leveraging our pool of expert designers, communicators, and developers, Vectorform brought the DTE Innovation program to life through the creation of custom branding, marketing materials, and a dedicated innovation website. The innovation website provides a one-stop shop for DTE employees to access all things innovation and learn more about how the Innovation Team can help them solve their toughest challenges and support them on their innovation journey.

Embedded rapid response team

DTE’s ability to rapidly respond to shifting dynamics is a by-product of their long-term commitment and investment in an enterprise innovation program. Maintaining an awareness on organizational goals, priorities, and impact within Vectorform’s managed innovation program provides unprecedented tools, tactics, and talent to tackle well-planned, long-range strategic activities, and the ability to successfully pivot in unexpected situations.

Calculating the value of innovation -
Value Infusion Methodology

The Value Infusion Methodology™, created by Vectorform, brings clarity to the business value of Innovation. It is a pressure-tested process that has been implemented at Fortune 500 companies and is a system to help partners define and quantify the impact of innovation activities to their business. It is guided by standard calculations provided by the respective organization’s Business Partners and Finance department and involves iterative calculations as more information is gathered throughout the innovation process, culminating in a final, business and finance-approved calculation.

Project Impact

Running since 2016, DTE Innovation is one of the industry’s leading examples of innovation for its systems, maturity, growth, sustainment, and commitment to challenge the status quo, break through cultural barriers, and realize value.


  • Executive Marketing & Communications
  • Engineering
  • Front & Backend Development
  • Finance Strategy
  • Innovation Analyst
  • Mobile Development
  • Motion Graphics
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Technical Direction
  • Unreal Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • UX Research & Strategy


  • Branding
  • Deployment for HoloLens
  • Deployment for HTC Vive
  • Design Thinking & Ranking Systems
  • Immersive Digital Broadcast using MetaHuman
  • Innovation Operating System
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Innovation Pipeline and Portfolio
  • Prototypes
  • Value Infusion Methodology (VIM)
  • Web Deployment
  • Enterprise Innovation Website