We help our clients identify, define, and execute a digital strategy for their most critical needs and initiatives from innovation to execution.


Software plays an increasing role in our personal and professional lives, enabling opportunities for business transformation at an unprecedented pace. A well-executed strategy for connected products will unlock real-time customer transparency and deliver value throughout an entire organization.

Key Service Areas

Product portfolio roadmapping

Hardware & firmware consultation

Business intelligence, strategy & analytics

Voice of Product

UX/UI design & research

Solution architecture


Disruptive times call for disruptive thinking that looks beyond the open road. We’re drawing inspiration from consumer goods, energy, hi-tech, aerospace, and healthcare verticals to transform the traveler experience across land, air, sea, and beyond. It’s a cross-industry vision that helps mobility clients bring innovative products to market and monetize the services and experiences that are transforming how the world moves.

Key Service Areas

HMI CX development

Digital customer engagement

UX/UI design services

Custom software applications

Data visualization

Immersive product design


In today’s hyper-connected economy, energy consumers increasingly expect on-demand access to products & services, along with transparency around personal energy consumption. Simultaneously, external industry forces will require investments in technology and infrastructure required to support. Vectorform’s Energy & Utility expertise responds to these twin pressures. From industrial IoT activities that support remote diagnostics to drone offerings that facilitate predictive maintenance and rapid storm response, we help utility and power companies increase their operational efficiency while exceeding customer expectations.

Key Service Areas

Digital customer engagement

Secure remote & field enabled technology

Industrial IoT

Anticipatory maintenance & rapid storm response

Grid intelligence & app modernization

Immersive high consequence training

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