We take a unique approach to industry segmentation and specialization.

Our years of delivering in market innovation have proven that the most profound innovation happens within ecosystems – the intersection of industries.


Technology holds limitless potential for making the lives of people safer, simpler, and more joyful. From robotic surgeries to curbside groceries, from enterprise-wide innovation to smart coffee makers, today’s digital solutions are transforming every facet of modern life. Vectorform is playing a leading role in shaping the way brands interact and engage with consumers today.

Key Life Service Areas

Product portfolio roadmapping

Hardware & firmware consultation

Business intelligence, strategy & analytics

Voice of Product

UX/UI design & research

Solution architecture


Disruptive times call for disruptive thinking that looks beyond four tires on an open road. The modern user moves fluidly across land, sky, city, and sea carrying one set of insatiable expectations: give me a seamless, surprisingly joyful, hyper-personalized experience. We’re rising to these expectations by revolutionizing how humans move from point A to point B.

Key Movement Service Areas

HMI CX development

Digital customer engagement

UX/UI design services

Custom software applications

Data visualization

Immersive product design


In today’s hyper-connected economy, energy consumers increasingly expect on-demand access to products & services, along with transparency around personal energy consumption. This requires new technologies, new partnerships, and new ways of thinking. We believe it is time to mobilize beyond infrastructure, to individual action. Energy companies are in the unique position to change consumer behavior at scale by empowering individuals with the means to manage their personal energy usage.

Key Energy Service Areas

Anticipatory maintenance & response innovation

Energy optimization & renewables

Grid intelligence & app modernization

Innovation accelerators & centers of excellence

Intelligent safety & high-consequence training

Redefined customer experience (CX) & engagement (CE)

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