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Training is Transformed through VR

DTE Energy has taken the lead in the utility industry to revolutionize high-consequence training for its technicians through VR technologies. This innovative and safe training for its workforce goes live with its flagship experience, “Working at Heights.”

In 2016, DTE Energy announced that it will join forces with Vectorform as an innovation partner to develop next-generation field technician training. This program, a utility industry first, aims to revolutionize high-consequence training, by leveraging the latest virtual reality (VR) and simulation technologies.

Working at Heights

The first room-scale VR experience launched by DTE Energy, on the HTC Vive® is “Working at Heights,” enabling technicians to train in real-world situations, without exposing them to the dangers of the field. Technicians experience total immersion through realistic graphics, high fidelity interactions, and an intuitive control scheme.

The virtual experience utilizes full-room sensing, so trainees will retain real world awareness and can move around in the virtual space. They practice dangerous tasks such as making repairs at heights, performing safety procedures, and eliminating fall hazards to protect the trainees own safety and the safety of others around them.

“There is no doubt that this is the future of training.”

Shawn Patterson, Chief Training Officer at DTE Energy

Hear from Shawn and learn more about the “Working at Heights” training simulation in this short video.

“We are living in a new world, decades in the making, where we actually do understand the positive power and possibilities of enhanced reality at the enterprise level.”

What does this mean for DTE Energy and its Customers?

DTE Energy has proven to be an industry innovator providing highly effective and safe training environments for its technicians. Together with the inventors at Vectorform, they have discovered a path to a safer, more effective method of training through VR technology.

The results? Engaged employees, improved retention, and stronger task performance, all working to enable DTE to continue to deliver the best customer service across Michigan.

What’s Next in the Evolution of VR Training

Vectorform continues to evolve the training experience by developing a full scoring and analytics program, along with a workforce management web application to turn data into intelligent action. This added insight will help to track user performance, continuing education progress, certification, and compliance.

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