Voice is expected to account for 200 billion searches per month by 2020.

Apple’s Siri handles more than 2 billion commands a week. Twenty percent of Google searches on Android are conducted by voice. Alexa is in over 7 percent of U.S. households. With more than 24 million Amazon Alexa and Google Home units sold in 2017, it’s clear that voice user interfaces are the next phase of advancement in seamless human-machine interaction.

How we do it

Building for Voice

Voice design

Step 1


We apply a variety of user experience and conversational research techniques to validate the best voice approach, understand what consumers want from your voice application, and craft a persona that accurately reflects your brand.

  • Analyze requirements
  • Conduct user interviews
  • Understand localization and language needs
  • Draft dialogues
  • Build Voice User Interface (VUI) diagram
  • Develop a persona
  • Define multi-platform strategy
  • Write conversational copy
Voice development

Step 2


In the development phase, we map what users will say and how your voice will answer. We make sure that there's a path for every utterance, and then conduct thorough testing before deploying the application.

  • Generate utterances
  • Implement VUI diagram
  • Scale for multiple platforms
  • Apply test suite
  • Quality assurance
  • Deploy

Step 3


We can quickly take you through the process of submitting your voice app and gaining approval through our unique partnerships with leading platform providers.

  • Submissions
  • Approval
  • Consulting

Step 4


After launching your application, we're able to continually implement changes based on consumer feedback and demand for new features, ensuring the best possible voice experience for your users.

  • Review feedback
  • Integrate new features
  • Add utterances
  • Tweak voice copy

“We have setup the digitalSTROM integration via the Amazon Echo Skill in a way that all features and capabilities of digitalSTROM are immediately available. Saying “Alexa, tell My Butler that I want to have breakfast” will immediately trigger the user defined action.”

Martin Vesper


Our cross-platform approach

Our proprietary platform lets you develop once but scale across multiple device types, reducing development costs and the time it takes to start engaging with your customers.

Cross Platform
  • Easy to use

    • Visual editor lets designers build voice applications quickly and without coding
    • Create applications for BotFramework, Alexa, Google Assistant and more
    • Voice application hosting built into platform
  • Increase ROI

    • No coding model reduces project hours and costs by more than 50 percent
    • Visual and live testing reduce QA time
    • Pre-built templates (“Conversation Graph Blocks”) reduce time to market
  • Scalable and secure

    • Applications can be run in the cloud, or on-premise for increased security
    • Supports enterprise data policies
    • Allows live publishing of application updates

From Our Team

The increasing importance of voice in a visual world

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Platform agnostic

Voice Assistants leverage Natural Language Processing, a rapidly-improving Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. From smart watches to speakers and everything in between, these assistants are gaining popularity and changing the way we interact with brands and technology. Vectorform has more than seven years experience with voice user interfaces, and works closely with leading platform providers to build voice based applications.

  • Alexa Logo

    Amazon Alexa

    Found on the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show

  • Apple Siri Logo

    Apple Siri

    Part of iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS operating systems

  • Google Home Logo

    Google Assistant

    Powering the Google Home and Android mobile experiences

  • Microsoft Cortana Logo

    Microsoft Cortana

    Created for Universal Windows platform, supporting mobile, desktop, console, and Windows IoT

Our work

  • Shark logo


    Connect to your Shark ION ROBOT™ vacuum from anywhere using the Shark mobile app. Now, Shark works with Amazon Alexa, giving you voice control to start and stop cleaning, find your robot, and more.

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  • Aera Logo


    Aera works with Amazon Alexa giving you voice control to turn your Aera on and off, remind you of your scent level and adjust the strength of scent in a room.

    Learn More
  • DTE Logo


    Control your digitalSTROM smart home using Alexa. You can now use your voice to get information about your smart home and control scenes and rooms.

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Preferred Resource for Amazon Alexa Skill Building

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Vectorform has formed unique and long-standing technology partnerships with numerous organizations. We are proud to announce we are one of the few companies working closely with Amazon as a preferred resource to enable brands and companies to develop custom skills leveraging the full capability of Alexa. Learn more

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