Similar to how mobile changed business in the late 2000s, Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing a new wave of opportunity for businesses. With 25 billion IoT-enabled devices expected by 2020, developing your organization's connected device strategy is a must. Work with us to open new revenue streams and deliver a better, fully-connected experience to your customers.

How we do it

Making your product smart

“Scent is used in 75% of US homes. Scenting methods and processes have not seen meaningful innovation in the last 50 years. Our three-way partnership between Ayla, Vectorform, and Prolitec produced a next-generation scenting system technology and created a full featured IoT system. It has been a pleasure to work with them.”

Richard Weening

CEO, Prolitec

On your frequency

Choosing the right technologies for your IoT solutions can be challenging. Vectorform has the expertise to help you understand, choose, and build for the best connected ecosystem protocol for your product.

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    A low-power-consuming technology best for connecting devices locally and within short range.

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    ISM Band

    Widely available wireless radio band allowing high performance for connected devices exchanging minimal data.

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    Wireless networks capable of connecting battery operated sensors across long distances in harsh environments.

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    A popular radio wave technology allowing devices, apps, and services to connect locally and through the Internet.

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    A wireless standard designed to connect large numbers of long-battery-life devices for control and monitoring applications.

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    A low-interference, longer-range wireless protocol used primarily for home automation.

We take security seriously

With new technologies come new security concerns. Vectorform’s holistic approach to security applies best practices at every layer of the IoT ecosystem. Our methodical implementation of fail-safe protocols is designed to neutralize threats and contain breaches, without system disruption.

Our work

  • Shark logo

    Shark ION Robot™

    Shark ION ROBOT™ is a robotic vacuum cleaner and application that allows users to conveniently clean their homes from anywhere through their mobile devices.

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    Aera is home scenting at your fingertips. The AeraForHome app provides smartphone control for up to 20 schedules or devices. It is a revolutionary new way of creating exquisite scent effects.

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  • DTE Logo

    DTE Insight

    DTE Insight is a revolutionary new platform that allows DTE Energy customers with an Advanced Meter to discover and improve their home energy use. Includes real-time usage, tips, challenges, and coaching.

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How IoT is shaping our futuristic utopia

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Why Vectorform

IoT is complex – spanning technologies, devices, and user interfaces. Choosing the right partner to guide you from strategy through execution is critical to operating efficiently. As a leader in IoT product development, Vectorform has the expertise and unique partner networks to provide a customized, transformative solution for your business.

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