Enterprise applications for immersive technologies are growing rapidly and on the cusp of mass adoption. Vectorform's industry partnerships and cross-platform expertise can accelerate your business into new realities.

Creating your reality

Building for immersive platforms

Platform selection

Step 1

Platform selection

Deciding on the right platform for your immersive experience depends on your business goals and customers' needs. Our experience will guide you to the right software and hardware platforms.

  • Business goals definition
  • User needs mapping
  • Technical requirements analysis
  • Platform and hardware selection
Experience design

Step 2

Experience design

Explore how your experience will look, feel, and interact with your customers. Our teams will collaborate to realize the ideal solution to meet your business goals.

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User flows and narrative scripts
  • Experience storyboards
  • UX and UI documentation and guides
  • Sound design
  • Prototype development and iteration
Production design

Step 3

Production design

With decades of combined multi-platform design expertise, our motion and 3D production team create the visual stories and worlds that bring your experience to life.

  • Art direction
  • Video and audio production
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D development and animation
  • Realtime effects
  • Asset optimization
Experience build

Step 4

Experience build

Our engineers implement the custom software, digital content, and hardware development required to deliver your experience, in close collaboration with our quality assurance team.

  • Custom software application development
  • Hardware implementation and configuration
  • System and experience testing

“Through our partnership with Vectorform, we are able to advance our goal of offering the most effective, value-added training available in the workplace. Technicians will practice in simulated hazardous situations, all while improving task performance, enabling DTE to continue to deliver the best customer service across Michigan.”

Shawn Patterson

Vice President and Chief Learning Officer, DTE Energy

Choose your reality

There isn’t always a single right solution for an immersive enterprise application. Selecting the right combination of technologies and tools depends on your business goals, user needs and understanding the different options available.

  • Virtual Reality Icon

    Virtual Reality (VR)

    VR places the user in a simulated, immersive environment. VR systems typically consist of a head-mounted display (HMD), which completely replaces the user’s reality with a virtual one. Advanced VR systems can utilize sound, motion tracking and haptic feedback to immerse all of the user’s senses.

  • Augmented Reality Icon

    Augmented Reality (AR)

    AR presents additional digital data over the user’s real world. Digital visual and audio is layered over the user’s real surroundings. Popular mobile AR applications use smart phone cameras and displays to gather data on real world objects. The future of AR promises integration into everyday wearables like eyeglasses, to minimize the intrusion of technology without compromising comfort or functionality.

  • Mixed Reality Icon

    Mixed Reality (MR)

    MR is a hybrid of VR and AR. Interactive, simulated objects and experiences are composited into the user’s real-world surroundings, in real-time. MR also relies on HMDs to create virtual elements that seamlessly interact with the user’s true surroundings.

Our work

  • Ford Logo

    Ford Design Studio

    Using Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality headset, Vectorform and Microsoft enabled Ford Motor Company’s designers and engineers to view 3D holographic versions of exterior body options (e.g. side mirrors, grilles) overlaid on top of the physical vehicle prototypes.

    Learn More
  • DTE Logo

    Working at Heights

    DTE Energy's Virtual Reality High Consequence Training Program, Working at Heights, allows technicians to experience total immersion through realistic graphics, high fidelity interactions, and an intuitive control scheme.

    Learn More
  • Itron Logo

    Digital Twin Smart City Planning

    Many issues arise from the over-consumption of energy such as greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. To combat this issue, Itron Idea Labs worked with Vectorform to create an interactive educational tool for city officials across the country on potential energy solutions.

    Learn More

Why Vectorform

Vectorform’s partnerships with immersive technology industry leaders, advance access to new platforms and tools, and proven production processes enables us to create robust enterprise experiences at higher velocity. Our in-house team of designers, production artists and engineers are skilled and proven at creating exceptional interactive experiences for the world’s biggest companies and brands.

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