Companies must drive change to stay relevant. Work with us to accelerate innovation, multiply returns on R&D, and overcome the forces that fight change. Our ideas-to-invention model brings speed, agility, and opportunity to brands eager to lead their industries.

Innovation Consulting

Innovation Consultancy

What does the future look like for your organization? We’ll help you identify, define, and craft your strategy for your most important initiatives, programs, and projects through our innovation consultancy and program offerings.

Business Transformation

Digital Transformation

Technology disruption is happening faster than ever, and the rates of innovation aren't slowing down. We have the expertise to execute the right strategy, structure, and solutions to meet the demands of your evolving business and customer needs.

“Vectorform is our digital partner and helps us take our business to new heights. They give us the courage and tools to make it happen.”

Shawn Patterson

Chief Training Officer, DTE Energy

How we invent

There are countless paths to achieve innovation. Our five core engagement modalities help us work together to find the right path. Designed for action, these modalities help you navigate, understand, and solve challenges more effectively to maximize value.

  • Progressive Sessions Icon

    Progressive Sessions

    Action orientated workshops, innovation systems, and organizational programs

  • Prototyping Icon


    Early and rapid testing and validation

  • Programs Icon


    Robust implementation management

  • Platforms Icon


    Scalable interdependent solutions and business models

  • Products Icon


    Comprehensive business plan, go-to-market strategy, and product development cycle management

Our expertise

  • Innovation & Strategy

    Innovation & Strategy

    Bring clarity to complex problems through specialized planning, management, and strategy

  • Human Data Sciences

    Human Data Sciences

    Understand your users' needs and the economical impacts

  • Emerging Technology

    Emerging Technology

    Track and deploy the most progressive tech opportunities for your business

  • Client Engagement & Commercial Development

    Client Engagement
    & Commercial Development

    Assemble the right team, scope, and schedules to meet your objectives

  • Research & Development

    Research & Development

    Deeply understand technologies, trends, and the benchmarks of an evolving digital landscape

  • Research & Development

    Experience Design

    Architect information, solve problems with creativity, deploy visual, interactive, motion, graphic, and systems design that express your brand, it’s products and the right customer experience

  • Software, Firmware, & Hardware Engineering

    Software, Firmware, &
    Hardware Engineering

    Connect the digital, permanent, and physical worlds with embedded systems and integrated function

  • Delivery


    Successfully execute a plan on time and on budget with the highest standards in business, creativity, and technology


Key Industries

While Vectorform is industry agnostic, we have extensive experience in these core areas:

  • Automotive & Mobility
  • Connected Home & City
  • Energy & Utility
  • Entertainment & Brand
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Technology