These days, delivery with the push of a button is no longer enough. Consumers want their connected devices to anticipate their needs and automatically order products before they even notice they’re running low. Vectorform is a Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) Solution Provider that can help you deliver just that.

How It Works

Vectorform invents connected device solutions to monitor and automatically order inventory from Amazon before supplies start running low. We support device makers by helping define their digital transformation strategy, build consumer touchpoints to control and monitor connected devices, and bring their DRS-enabled products to market.

  • One Time Setup Icon

    One-time setup

    Your customer signs up for DRS during device setup.

  • Usage Icon

    Usage is tracked

    The device monitors its own supply levels.

  • Automatic Orders Icon

    Automatic orders

    The device places an order based on customer need.

  • Fast Delivery Icon

    Fast delivery

    Your customer receives replacement supplies.

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Voice User Interfaces

Give your connected device its own voice for the consumer

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Why Vectorform

Vectorform is a member of Amazon’s DRS Partner Program, and as a Systems Integrator, we help commercial device manufacturers bring new Alexa-enabled products to market. Vectorform can provide hardware modules, software, and services that accelerate the implementation, delivery, and support of DRS-enabled products – ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and engagement with your devices.

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