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Vectorform and Microsoft Exhibit at Munich Creative Business Week

Munich became the ‘Capital of Design,” as the city welcomed 61,000 visitors to Germany’s largest design conference. Together with Microsoft, Vectorform debuted HoloFramer, the Vectorform HoloLens augmented reality (AR) experience.

Imagine you’re creating a gallery wall in your home and planning out where each picture is going to go.

Now, imagine being able to do this virtually, before you put any holes in the walls – pulling pictures from the cloud, matting and framing them with holograms, pinning them to your walls, and capturing the layout to share with friends.

HoloFramer, the Vectorform HoloLens augmented reality (AR) experience, allows users to do just that. Together with Microsoft, our team of inventors debuted Vectorform’s latest demo at Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), Germany’s largest design conference. The theme of the event was Design Connects – The Smart Revolution, and Vectorform and Microsoft used the event as a platform to present the capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens through HoloFramer. HoloFramer demonstrates the future of Mixed Reality interactions focusing on simple gesture control, voice commands, and room mapping technology.

While HoloFramer attracted a lot of attention, it was just one of the exciting new technologies on display at MCBW, which brings together top designers, architects, creators, business representatives, and companies from around the world. This year’s event focused on five key areas: Smart People, Smart Objects, Smart Cities, Smart Economies, and Smart Brands.

The exhibition provided an interesting look at the products and services of the future, with automotive, retail, and environmental organizations showcasing the transformational value of smart products. From connected appliances that turn into digital assistants for various tasks in our everyday lives to shoes made from materials that change the shoe’s color depending on the angle of light, the technology on display showed that without a doubt, the smart revolution has arrived.

BMW i, for instance, showcased the BMW Vision Future Interaction Car – the future of human machine (car) interaction and individual mobility. The car showed what the user interface of the future might look like, with high-resolution displays that adjust the content based on the situation. To ensure seamless interaction between passenger and vehicle, all functions are either touch, gesture, or voice accessible and controllable.

There was one underlying question throughout the event: What is the role of design in the increasing interconnectedness of people, technologies, and systems?

From HoloFramer to BMW i’s Vision Future Interaction Car, there was one underlying answer: smart design is leading the charge.

To be at this event, with Microsoft, in Munich, was exciting and energizing. We were among some of the most innovative companies in the world working on some of the most innovative inventions in the world.

We were among some of the most innovative companies in the world working on some of the most innovative inventions in the world.

And while Munich is halfway around the globe, one thing was evident at the event – we are closer and more connected than ever before.

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About MCBW

Munich Creative Business Week is the largest design event held in Germany for designers and contractors, attracting top international designers, architects, creative, business and economic sector representatives. For one week, life in Munich will focus on Design connects! Diverse events are organized throughout the city including exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and company tours. Sustainability of products and services and the advancement of young professionals play key roles in all the events.

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