Vectorform is a platform designed to help organizations invent digital products and customer experiences. With nearly 20 years of tested experience, we help organizations define the future of their business and solve complex problems to build beyond an idea. We offer a specialized perspective that provides momentum for brand innovation and better customer experiences.


A team of inventors

Vectorform is a team of inventors, designers, developers, and dreamers focused on the future. We attract courageous clients willing to lead their industries, and the best talent across the globe.

BMW Experience

Transformational value

Our largest value comes from helping established and new companies reinvent products in the age of technology disruption and to help those brands develop more intimate and valuable relationships with their customers.

What makes us different

Research & Analysis

We make technology
come to life

  • We have the expertise and talent to solve the most complex technological problems.
  • We have cultivated a dedication and mind set for collaborative innovation.
  • Over 17 years of connecting people to their world and each other.
Research & Analysis

We go beyond
the experience

  • We identify what matters.
  • We understand the customer journey and design the systems needed.
  • We have the ambition to look beyond to impact the culture that embraces your brand.
Research & Analysis

We close the innovation
execution gap

  • We believe that action breeds clarity.
  • Our execution is rooted in your business to ensure technical and organizational feasibility.
  • We produce measurable, transformational value.

Our invention manifesto

  1. We are inventors
  2. We create value
  3. We invent for the future
  4. We invent the impossible
  5. We collaborate
  6. We are humans

We are inventors

We are inventors at Vectorform, invention isn’t just an opportunity. It is a responsibility within us to express our thoughts, ideas, and imaginations to be the fuel that drives the human condition forward. Whether we’re inventing new products, services, processes, or tools, we are obsessive about improving the world in which we live and work. Our culture of invention is the nexus of science, creativity, and entrepreneurship that empowers us to deliver what we dream.

We invent to create value

Value comes from ideas that are purposeful. Our commitment is to design and develop products and services that drive meaningful cultural impact.

We invent the future

While others are trying to predict the future, we are busy inventing it. Our relentless drive and brave experimentation creates meaningful change that shapes our future.

We invent the impossible

Nothing drives us more than hearing an idea or concept is “impossible.” We look at impossibility as an opportunity. Uncharted territory is our comfort zone.

We invent through collaboration

Collaboration is at our core. When our creative minds come together, the sum exceeds the collective value of the individual parts. We connect, we learn, we critique, and we prosper.

We invent for humans

We evolve the human experience by mastering what’s meaningful to people. Before we invent, we observe.